7 Best Bands From The Death Metal Genre

Over the past few decades since it was first born, death metal has evolved a lot. Just like the other genres of heavy metal, it has made some considerable shifts in sound. This form of heavy metal music has now diversified into many different sub-genres. Deathcore, blackened death metal, and melodic death are some of the sub-genres of death metal. 

Despite such dramatic changes, its base elements have remained the same even to this day. With all the blast beats, down-tuned and distorted guitars, and growls, this genre of rock music continues to grow. Here we present some of the best death metal bands of all time:

1. Death

This band from the city of Orlando, Florida, is considered the one that pioneered the genre of death metal. With their debut album Scream Bloody Gore released in 1987, this band became extremely popular. The leading man of this band, Chuck Schuldiner, died at the age of 34 in 2001. However, he left behind a legacy that would inspire the future rock bands.

2. Entombed

This band from the Swedish capital, Stockholm, pioneered death ‘n’ roll, a sub-genre of death metal. They incorporated the influences of garage rock into their sound, which was the major highlight of their music. One of the best examples of this change can be found in the tracks of their studio album, Wolverine Blues. The bands ‘Trap Them’ and ‘Black Breath’ seems to be heavily inspired by the sounds used in this album. 

3. Decapitated

Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kieltyka, the main songwriter and guitarist, and his drummer brother Witold ‘Vitek’ Kieltyka formed ‘Decapitated‘ in 1996. This death metal band from Poland continues to be among the most significant ones even in the 21st century. 

In November 2007, Vitek was killed in the crash of a tour bus. After spending a significant amount of time grieving over his brother’s death, Vogg reformed the band in 2009.

4. Autopsy

Autopsy was formed in California’s Bay Area and took death metal to its doomy depths. They also had great influence on bands of other genres, such as Gorefest, Entombed, and Deicide. Of particular influence on these bands was their second album, which was titled Mental Funeral.

5. Vader

This Polish death metal band was formed in 1983. However, their debut album ‘The Ultimate Incantation’ could only be released nine years later. Before settling on a death metal sound, they had tried different genres like thrash metal and speed metal. They had so much influence in this genre that they were once described as ‘the eagles of death metal’. 

6. Carcass

Liverpool-based ‘Carcass’ had their roots in grindcore, but moved on to death metal sound with Symphonies of Sickness. Released in 1989, this was their second album. Heartwork, their fourth album, was released in 1993. It caught the attention of Columbia/Sony. 

However, even before the release of their album, problems arose between them and the label. This ultimately led to the demise of this group. The band was later reformed in 2007.

7. Deicide

This band is believed to be the most notorious of all death metal bands. Most of their lyrics are full of anti-Christian messages. Deicide has been surrounded by controversies. Glen Benton, the frontman of this band, burned an inverted cross onto his forehead. He had claimed that he will commit suicide at 33 years of age. This was apparently his anti-Jesus statement.

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